Content-Specific Videos, by Chapter

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Chapter 1 - Internet and and Mobile Marketing in the Digital Ecosystem

Section 1-2  6-minute video describes how towns in Sicily are becoming smart on a shoestring budget

 Section 1-3 See  Section 3-3 on Links for video that shows predictive power of AI

Chapter 3 - Business Models

 Section 3-6b 2-minute video on Blockchain  See links page for accompanying post on bitcoin

Chapter 11 - Paid Search and Social Advertising

Section  11-6  Sir Martin Sorrell on Snapchat Becoming Third Force in Social Ads 

Chapter 12 - Mobile Marketing

Section 12-2 Adobe report on mobile, mostly Europe, which may suggest future trends in U.S.

Chapter 7 - Display and Mobile Advertising for Customer Acquisition

Section 7-3 - This page has a video explaining Amazon's advertising program

Chapter 11 - PPC and Paid Social Advertsing

Advertising execs talk about 'the duopoly' - Could be used at beginning, middle or end 

Chapter 12 3+ minute video on how the Levis jeans jacket works

Chapter17 -  Social and Regulatory Issues

Section 17-2  This is article is meant for consumers but the video is an interesting look at data privacy

Chapter 18 - Measuring and Evaluating Digital Marketing Programs

Section 18-1  The importance of metrics from top execs of well-known brands. Part of a series from new ANA Analytics Center of Excellence.

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