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Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet Report Has a Slide for Just About any Digital Subject

This Page Contains Recent Links Related to a Specific Piece of Content in the Chapter

Chapter 1 - Internet and Mobile Marketing in the Digital Ecosystem

Section 1-2b MIT/Deloitte study of digital maturity with several brief case histories

Section 1-4  Latest stats on internet usage around the world

    Section 1-5 5 Deadly Sins of Digital Transformation
                   How to make digital transformation work with 1:30 video

Chapter 3 - Business Models

Section 3-3 Amazon Strategy Teardown (more than you ever wanted to know but starts with a good executive summary)

                    How GE Avoided Kodak's Fate 
                    10 minute conversation with a machine    sheds light on Imelt quotes. Video is 10 minutes long but playing only first 2/3 minutes gets point across including predictive value of AI

Section 3-5b What makes a platform work. Best part is in section Pay attention to incentives, paragraph that starts "Platforms are nothing more than a trusted contract.. . ." and the 3 items that follow.

Finding the Platform in Your Product for pre-internet companies

Interesting read on platforms and ecosystems

Section 3-6a  Washington Post technology benefits
                       Washington Post business model--and revenue stream--changing

Section 3-6b What Bitcoin is and Why it Matters  See videos page for link to accompanying video about blockchain

Chapter 4 - The Direct Marketing and Database Foundations 

Sections 4-5 and 6  Replacing A/B split tests with an AI algorithm

Chapter 5 - Social Media Marketing

Section 5-3b - Taco Bell's use of Instragram (see section on visual learning/memory)

Chapter 6 - Experiencing the Digital Customer Journey

Section 6-1c Interesting changes in brand value 2017

Section 6-1d Customers willing to pay more for good experience  Link to report

Section 6-2c  Creating Facebook dynamic product ads  with link to full report

Section 6-3 Several reports on what makes good customer experience with a good graphic

Chapter 7 - Display and Mobile Advertising for Customer Acquisition

Section 7-2  Infographic summary of Adobe 2017 advertising report

Section 7-2a  Growth of internet and traditional channels

                       Pew Digital News Fact Sheet with good charts on digital advertising

Section 7- 2b Google's Smart Display Ads

Chapter 8 - Content Marketing

Section 8-1  Hubspot's Facebook video experiments 

Section 8-4 Valuing an audience

Section 8-4d Responding to negative comments 

Chapter 9 - Email Marketing to Build Consumer and Business Relationships

Section 9-3a Research on email subject lines

Section 9-4 Post from an agency executive on personalization at scale

Chapter 10 - Search Engine Marketing

Section 10-6 The post on voice search describes the Google Answer Box. Here's a related post on how Google's Features Snippets are siphoning off organic traffic.

Section 10-6d  Excellent summary of Google algorithm revisions since 2011

Section 10-6e  An explanation of the Google Rank Brain algorithm 

Chapter 11 - Paid Search and Social Advertising

Section 11-1 New data on mobile and paid search and social

Section 11-3b  Keyword research with example

Section 11-6 Split testing Facebook ads     Could also be used as an example of testing, Section 4-5 

Chapter 12 - Mobile Marketing

Section 12-2 L'Oreal's Digital Transformation
                      L'Oreal tries 6-second bumper ads
                      L'Oreal's new CMO has an interesting perspective

Section 12-3c Another Mountain Dew campaign

Section 12-3e More examples of geofencing

Section 12-4  Progressive apps 

Section 12-6  Levis jeans jacket goes on sale w. video

Chapter 13 - Demand Generation and Conversion in B2B Markets

Section  13.5  Download link for D&B 2018 B2B study

Chapter 14 -Customer Relationship Development and Retention Marketing 

Figure 14.1 The study quoted has never been replicated, so we keep using the old data. Here, finally, is a chart that is a worthy replacement with more data about customer retention.

Section 14-3c National Geographic on Instagram 

Chapter 15 - Developing and Maintaining Effective Online and Mobile Websites

Section 15-6a  Why Pinterest Forces You Off Its Mobile Site and Into Its App 

Chapter 16 - Customer Service and Support in the Digital Era

Section 16-8 Power of AI in Customer Service
                     Using chatbots in customer service and more

Chapter 17 - Social and Regulatory Issues

Things marketers need to know about the EU General Data Protection Regulation (see post 10/29/17)

Section 17-2b - A major example of spoofing
                          Summary of cybersecurity in 2017 has great infographic of hacks 

Chapter 18

 How Google Tag Manager works

Section 18-1 Effectiveness of selected channels from DMA

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