Sunday, January 22, 2017

Welcome to the New Update Blog for Internet Marketing Instructors!

It is a delight to welcome you to this Mind Tap blog which will feature relevant updates to the content of the 4th edition! We will both be looking for updates that will help you keep course content current. We will also provide engaging content like videos and updates to brand stories that are discussed in the text. See the bar at the top of the page for a new page on content-specific links by chapter.

The purpose of the blog is to make it easier and more rewarding to teach internet marketing, whether it is at the undergraduate or graduate level; in the classroom, online or hybrid. It supplements, but does not replace, the Instructors' Manual provided on Mind Tap. The content of our posts will be limited to content directly relevant to IM, 4th edition. Both authors have other social media accounts that cover other aspects of digital marketing and we will link to those as they apply and invite you to follow us there.

All content is searchable using blogger labels. The label cloud on the right sidebar shows the labels in use. They include chapter numbers, subjects covered in chapters, brands featured and other relevant issues.

You can also access the blog externally at

Reader comments are enabled. We will answer teaching questions as quickly as we can. We encourage all readers to share their teaching experiences so we can make this blog as helpful to as many instructors as possible.

Whether you are a new, returning or continuing adopter of Internet Marketing, we welcome you and wish you and your students all the best in pursuit of this fascinating subject.

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