Sunday, January 22, 2017

Do We Need All This Stuff? Updates for IoT and Bots.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is introduced in Chapter 1 as part of the current wave of disruptive technology. Its effects on business models are featured in Chapter 3 and it is mentioned in numerous places in the book. Bots are another technology, discussed in several places, that will have a bit impact the current technology wave in general and the IoT in particular. The most detailed discussion of bots is the Tacobot case history in Chapter 5.
CES is always fun with a lot of developments--some useful and some simply weird--showcased by manufacturers. This year one attendee announced that the I0T had hit "peak stupid" with this toaster.
While the author may have a point, remember that Mark Zuckerberg spent considerable effort in 2016 building Jarvis, his personal butler. He introduced it--quirks and all--in a Facebook video which is worth watching--and seeing Jarvis make toast. The video would be especially good with Chapters 1 or 5.
Here's a set of good graphics of some of the best of CES with a link to the full story in WSJ.
Any or all of this would make for good class discussion. "De we need this?" opens the way for personal opinion. Hopefully some students will bring up privacy concerns (Alexa is now figuring in a murder investigation).  If students don't bring it up, you should do so, pointing out that privacy issues are covered in Chapter 17. Having all our appliances connected to the internet is a bit scary when you stop to think about it. Students should also recognize that it will produce a treasure trove of data for marketers.
This is hardly the last we will be hearing of the IoT in the weeks and months to come.

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